State of the art on Remote controls

I see surprisingly few options for remote controls compared to the choice available on ESCs, batteries and motors. Am I missing something?

I’m looking for one that is small and preferably coming with a slider as I’m expecting it to be safer than the wiimote type.

What do you guys think? Am I missing something?

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This has come up a lot lately, esp in this thread. I keep scouring the web looking for solutions and keep coming up short, it’s definitely an area in the market that needs attention.

@chaka and @onloop are working on implementations of Vedder’s nunchuck PCB so hopefully some good things are on the horizon!

I dont think i would like a slide. Sliders usually dont go back to neutral. … so if u fall and eat crap your remote is still telling your board to go. If u release a nunchuck or gt2b it is off the gas. Just my opinion.

you can get self centering sliders. It might be alright. can’t be worse than trigger throttle…

my lord they suck.

Cool. Never seen one of those before. I would have to try one i guess.

I agree with you there. I hate that If you aren’t perfectly smooth with your finger, you will get thrown off of your board. And no one is perfect. At 20 mph, this is less of an issue. However, I’m working on a faster 35 mph+ board, so I need a safe controller for such high speeds as to make the risk of getting thrown off as little as possible.

yeah I know what you mean. that’s why I like the perpetual steez button of the Nyko Kama. its just so effortless.

I like the concept of the Nyko, but am afraid of the connection issues I hear about. That would be a serious issue in traffic here in sf.

My son has a Boosted and I really like the trigger/wheel option as it has plenty of wheel travel to allow precise control. Just sucks that in NYC I occasionally loose signal midtown. Had to run off couple times. Downside of bluetooth.

I believe anyone who is getting continuing dropouts with the kama has done something wrong. I have 3 boards with fully soldered Kama corrections that never drop out.

if in doubt, solder everything. anything with a plug or connector will fail on a skateboard. the vibration is just too much.

I thought about that before.

About the vibrations though, that’s not 100% true. It depends on if you deal with the vibrations or not. For example with my board, I use an acoustic dampening pad between my board and my casing. This reduces the vibrations to almost no vibrations on the electrical system. I did have that issue before on my first build. I would be riding and then, one of the power cables would fall out and the board would stop, lol. Even though I tape the out side of most connectors to prevent any chance of it slipping out. I didn’t tape or solder the motor plugs or the transmitter cable, and neither have ever slipped out due to vibrations on my current build.

So you can reduce vibrations to eliminate the issue of vibrations knocking cables loose on the system if you plan ahead, but since I’ve never seen anyone use acoustic dampening pads before to reduce vibrations, I would say your are correct in most cases.

A pitch wheel from an old dj deck might work, its like the Boosted thumb wheel only larger. You could 3d print a wheel to fit the potentiometer. Here’s an example.

I don’t know the exact reason why people are having dropouts on Kama & VESC, but I experienced the same like @lowGuido, not a single dropout for months on any of the 5 boards which are in use on almost every day.

It’s really difficult to find out the cause for dropouts since everyone uses different components and different ways of wiring.

The only guidance I always follow is to put the receiver wires as far away from motor wires and battery wires and to place the receiver at a location which offers the best reception for the transmitter.

I was doing some experimenting on a board with a Nyko Kama the other day and I made some video. basically I tapped the dongle with my finger until it dropped out and then I soldered the dongle and performed the same test. actually after I soldered I slammed the receiver against the ESC and then board repeatedly.

needless to say the soldered one worked better.


videos fixed.

officially i am done with nunchucks . accidental squeeze ? and the board will zip under moving vehicles . the other day , while waiting for the green man to lit up , a 5yr old kid with mommy saw nunchuck in my grip and tried to reach it to “play” with the joystick ? lucky i spot it and kept a safe distance and the mom ? she gave me a strong stern look .

saw this in a singapore website . SGD$13.98 . around USD $10/~

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As pointed out in the other topic, this is not the final price for the complete package and i’m wondering what the international shipping would cost

well , lucky me .

the price i’m getting is USD$10/~ with “FREE SHIPPING” ! !! ! ! !

… but only to this tiny island we call SINGAPORE .

Well if i where you i’d double check if you didn’t just order a receiver, because there is a clear difference in price, or the seller made a mistake and quickly fixed it, but i think thats highly unlikely…

didnt know . thanks for the heads up . still . its in sgd currency $43 = usd 35 ?