Steez Remote Reciever for sale anywheres?

Anyone know where I can buy the receiver for the steez remote, aka enertions remote? I accidentally broke of a chip mounted on it when pulling it off of hot glue. IMO, there’s one fetal flaw of the design, which is the pcb is rectagle shaped, except for one corner, where is goes in and a black chip that sits on top sticks out. If you touch the black chip from the bottom with even the slightest of force, it will break off, as the it is only attached with a little bit of solder. Having it sit over the edge like this makes it very easy to break.

So anyone know where ?I can find a replacement receiver for it?

Is this it?

I never liked the idea that that receiver is just an exposed pcb It needs to be mounted in a small plastic box like a regular RC receiver.

yes, that’s it. But I need the little pcb receiver that comes with it.

It really doesn’t bother me, but the design is such the a piece can easily be broken off like it did to me.

It does …

I get that it comes with the receiver, but I’m looking for the receiver only. I would expect it to cost around $20. The controller is most likely the most expensive part, and mine works great.

Oh … You didn’t specify that … Let me ask

I haven’t heard back yet…but I’m gonna assume these are packaged as sets…

But… Like I said I haven’t heard back … Let’s see :eyes:

Remember we are friends :wink: Lol

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Please see your PM @evoheyax

@evoheyax seems PM on the fritz …

You will get an email abt your request :+1:t2:

That stinks! I think it would make sense to heat-shrink the receivers for these.

I will heat shrink my next one. That’s a good idea :slight_smile: