Steeze Remotes Are Back! and so are the Totally Bitchin' 190KVS Motors

I just got the shipment in today. I haven’t even been home yet, but i have made them available now just in case you were waiting on them.

$130 LHB Totally Bitchin 190KVS 6355 Motors

##$75 Steeze Remotes

e-switches and e-switch kits should be back any day now!

Also i have logo t-shirts and red logo hoodies coming!

Everything comes with stickers!

And you can get a coupon code for 10% off of Shredlights with any purchase if you remember to ask me about it! I’m a forgetful motherfucker!

This entire post is filled with exclamation points!


Ok don’t need a motor or remote…

Let’s talk about the stickers!!!

They come with everything!!!

also the hoodies showed up today. I have mediums and larges. Just in time for the summer heat!


Hoddie group buy?

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I’m up for it

I’ve been exploring colors … trying to shake the NYC out of me… black is a tough color in the desert lol Have to get a higher wattage bulb cause all the darks on my side of the closet seem to suck all the light out of her side of the closet hahah

Where’s the link? I didn’t see them on your site

I haven’t posted them yet. I need to take a picture of myself wearing one so you can see how beautiful i really am. And also the hoodies. I only have a few of them but if they all go i’ll get more and try to get a better price on them so i can pass on the the savings. Right now i’m going to have to list them for $55 but i think i can do better than that if i do some more volume.

I was up till 2 this morning finishing up a customer build, getting it shipped, and catching up on emails.

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