Step 1, upgrade commercial board

this is my Atom electric h16d. hella fun. rides like a bomber with OR without power. I have had multiple problems with the regenerative braking, stress fracturing the front of my board off, and sticking accelerators. None the less, its a store bought POS. I ride way too hard for this thing, BUT for the range, the braking, the top speed, it is perfect for shredding around the hood and getting into town. Its a carbon fiber deck, strong and delicate. so even just standing the board on end whittled a hole right to the core foam. so I put a little aluminum bumper system on to protect the ends of the board. common part for every other skateboard since the 80’s, it made sense. Normally your pro-pack came with a kingpin protector (the bird, not necessary for this board), toe and tail bumpers (check), and rail guards to protect the bottom of the board (check). I just mimicked the old school set up out of aluminum rod and flat stock, cost me like 10$, including adhesive.

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Next was the light mount, the headlamp works nice, but I wanted something legit. so a 9$ 1 3/8" stainless u-bolt from HD. it lined up PERFECT. I removed my 2 front truck mounts. slapped it in the press and made the holes larger. Slid a bushing under the bar to get it off the board and cut back a little on long shadowing. made a nice neoprene ring to help grip the light once clamped. I also have a little lanyard/leash on the back that is attached to a back bolt of the same truck (just in case I biff it good).

The light is a 1200 lumen 4 hour burn at max Big Blue dive light off of my hat. (120.00)


IMG_3951 IMG_3953

no cnc. no 3d printer. 20$ and an hour of time. love it when a plan comes together.

I put this on here hoping to KISS some of the complexities of working on an eboard. just because its electric , doesn’t mean its not a skateboard that started with clay wheels and spare parts… I am so juiced to learn the inner workings and build my own from scratch but this is where im starting with the know-how I have.

Skate hard, fall harder, get up the fastest.

Please tell me you go skating in a diving helmet…


Please tell me you go helmet diving with your skateboard…


@ZachTetra @Sebike closest I have come was fishing some Escoots out of the bay…then putting them back where they belong…


why not just buy shred lights?

Because there’s better for less $$

lmao its a flashlight held down with metal :rofl:

And? Dosen’t change the fact that shredlights are over priced af.

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true but as the proud owner of many overpriced items (eboard included) cant let you say that

Well as a unsatisfied customer with two sets of shredlights and as a active member of the esk8 community I can’t recommend them.
Much better/brighter and more affordable options available directly from our community members.

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