Stepper Motors?

Anybody have any experience using stepper motors to drive an electric board? I’m trying to build something that’s going to go really slowly (1-2 mph) - and I’d prefer to drive the wheels directly, without the need for reducing gears.

Any thoughts, experience? Any suggestions as to specific vendors and/or motors?


They don’t have enough torque to make sense for an electric skateboard. They usually don’t spin fast either. Just get a smaller brushless motor with a low voltage esc.

He’s building an electric walker for his dad. I’m not sure how you could do a direct drive with a stepper, as internal gears actually move the motor shaft.

I’d say the lowest kv motor you can find and 3-6s voltage.

5S battery + ESCs + these motors should work well. A servo tester connected to your ESCs can control your speed.

To have a direct drive system, you are going to want to look for hub motors.

These are hoverboard motors.

Thanks guys.