STL Files for ABEC 11 Flywheels - Flywheel Clones - MBS All Terrain Wheels - CNC 32T-50T Single Piece Pulley for 9mm, 12mm, 15mm Belts

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Hey, so it’s been a while, had some time to relax and not focus on school and so with the insights provided by @JLabs and the wax model that @CamBo did, decided to pump out a complete CNC series for Abec 11 Flywheels (not including the 107’s, that will come at a later date when I have more time), Flywheel Clones, and MBS All Terrain Wheels.

These files are meant for CNCs and as such the tolerances are not ideal for 3D printing. On this series it’s not a huge deal, I think the only issue youd have is the hole for the 10-32 screws would be very tight if you dont ream them out. But I’ve made a second set of all of these where the portion of the pulley that inserts into the wheel is one piece and the pulley is a secondary removable piece so you can swap the pulleys without having to machine a new hub portion. That I’ll share later as I havent completed uploading the hoard of files to thingiverse.

So for now, here you go.

32T: 33T: 34T: 35T: 36T: 37T: 38T: 40T: 42T: 44T: 48T: 50T:

So for those who have not looked at the group buy posts, USA/CAN and EU, the original file that was sent for CNCing was an exact copy of the 3D printed files I’ve provided online with some minor changed but it turned out those were .5mm too large. @JLabs graciously offered to lathe them down to correct the issue for those that had been currently made. With that information and also by destroying one of my own flywheel clones to extract the hub I worked with @CamBo over the period of a a week or two to make a pulley that he’s going to be making for his build and I figured I’d put the information to good use. So CamBo CNCed one pulley as a test for himself, and they fit well. His picture is referenced in the links but he’s also posted it in the no pics post so you can check it out there too. These will require at least 2.25" 10-32 or 10-24 bolt or an M5 of 60mm

The nominal widths of these are 9mm, 12mm and 15mm but their true actual widths are 10mm, 13mm and 16mm. I do not plan on adjusting these unless it’s a complete waste of axel room but even enertions’s 9mm pulley is 10.4mms so I dont think it’s an issue. So if you want exactly 9mm, 12mm or 15mm then you may instruct the machinist to rework them once they have been CNCed. There is no loss of quality by reworking these after the fact. Just throw them on the lathe and remove the extra 1mm or whatever you want. Step appears to be a common industry file format for transferring data for CNCs though I’ve included the STL’s as well as thats whats @CamBo used to create his.

These are designed to be machined using a 1/8th end mill bit, tool nose radius compensation has been taken into consideration while designing these, if that means something to you, they youre ready to make your own.

And pics because I love picture so I figure I’m not the only one.

@CamBo’s CNCed pulley

Here’s the Retainer Ring













And the assembly together. Socket Head Cap Screws used here are 2.25" in length, 60mm ones would sit just below flush. The pulley shown here is the 9mm (10mm) pulley.


Hi junior, it will be awesome if you can make the pulley cover for your motor mounts, a lot of people have your motor mounts from the group’s buy. Thanks master!! :heart_eyes:

That’s a good point. Will whip that up as well and post it along with the files for the mounts.

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Wow man! Awesome job! I found that the printed pulleys broke easily on the bit that goes into the wheel. Even at 100% infill and 0.1mm layer height. I ended up just snapping them off and there was just enough to still hold in the wheel. The bolts should hold it in. Do you have a recommendation or is this just my filament or a wrong setting in my print software? Thanks

Just machined the pulley out of POM. Should be able to do the retainer next week. Work keeps getting in the way. Looks awesome! Thanks @JuniorPotato93