Stock Alert - 236kv SK3 motors at hobby king

6mm shaft :tired_face:

Good looking out @Michaelinvegas, I got excited thinking I had missed an offering from HK!

But isn’t that actually a good thing? All the cheap pulleys from stores like maedler are with a 6mm hole until 32t.

The issue is snapping the shaft , but never used a 6mm shaft …

If you noticed, 6mm shaft is hardly mentioned and places like Enertion and DIY Skateboards don’t carry 6mm bore pulleys that I know of

yeah I noticed - but since the industrial pulleys all seem to have 6mm bores it could be perfect for beginners on a budget. Get one of those motors and a pulley for 4$, drill a hole in them for a grub screw and you are basically done.

Yeah get you…but motors such as these best left alone … Especially if you have the NTM 50/60 that has 270kv and 8mm shaft…and is $20 bucks less

Anyway…moving away from 50mm cans, aside from chakas …to 63mm only…

Ummm…That’s what she said…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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8mm shaft - In stock :slight_smile:

I have used 6mm shafts on a few builds… they are alright. but I have snapped 2 of them (after hundreds of km of riding) replacement shafts are only $5

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Weird it says 1288g on this page but 858g on the actual product page. If it is 1288g that’s over 3 times the weight of an Ollin motor!