Storage voltage for space cell

Hey guys its now winter in minnesota so using my esk8 is not really an option right now. I saw in the thread on using lipos about there being a storage voltage. What is the percent that the space cell readout should say for proper storage?

Thanks, Hans

Lithium ion batteries are stored best half full, as far as I know. And the SpaceCell is made with 18650 cells which are lithium ion …

3.6v is where you want to be storing individual 18650 cells. Depending on the number of series cells (3.6v x # of series cells) should provide you a nominal voltage level for storage.

Ex: 10s battery should be stored at 36v

Lipo cells are supposed to be set at half capacity like @jeroenimo mentioned. Lipo’s are most chemically stable at half capacity. I usually store mine at between 3.8 and 3.9 volts per cell. That’s usually where they’re at when you buy from a dealer. If you’re not going to use them for a couple days is good to discharge them to half capacity. Never leave them fully charged for long periods of time. The Spacecell uses Li-on cells, which are a little different, but I’m sure the same rules apply.

Am i crazy or does nominal voltage come into play here?

Nominal is what you store at, so yes. It does come into play.

if the nominal voltage of each cell in your battery is 3.6 then @SubCreative has the formula to use posted there. However, there are some 18650/26650 that have a nominal voltage of 3.7 so if anybody wasnt aware of this and was building a battery pack, check yo self befoh u rizzity rek yoself.