Store -> member directory?

It seems like lots of forum members have store fronts as well on the internet. I frequently find a site (or see someone else link to one) and then see a comment that "Oh yeah, that’s @xxxx’s store…) but wanted to suggest a post (maybe a sticky) that compiles and lists them all so a new member knows who on the forum is a seller and what site belongs to whom.

  • just a .02 idea

For example I know that DyIElectricSkateboard = @torqueboards And Enertion = @onloop

Maybe include if they are US/UK as well?

It would even give those members who frequently sell components but don’t have a site to list themselves somewhere.

Off the top of my head is @chaka is @longhairedboy is @zmoney is @psychotiller is @trampa

And there’s a few users who represent “larger” businesses (like from some of the prebuilt boards, Chinese manufacturers like Maytech, etc). I’d have search around a bit more cause I don’t remember who they are.


It’s a decent start. I have seen posts from commercial builders like @Landwheel as well and I think those should be included. Kind of a single-post virtual mall that only sells esk8’s and related parts.

@Hummie Won’t have anything new for another week or two max

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Bump I know there are more than this out there!!


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Battery from is @barajabali


good idea! some more @fottaz @Kaly @protoboards


I have 3 alias’

Also can be found at:

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Street Wing

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