StOrmBreaKer_BullyDeck 37" Integrated Enclosure | MAD Storm DD | Popoca 90mm | Focbox Unity | 12s4p 30Q

Next to Thanos build, I need something for those days that you want just more. At least that is the plan :grin: My main aim is always to make something stealth, belt drive, gear drive are really good…I know it’s me but i can not drive something electric that make more noise than my car. It’s a my thing but I need something different. I have been using hub motors and last year moved to direct drive. After the first DD made (, I immediately wanted to make another one. the rest of the story is known nad if you missed you can find it here :smile: ( So let’s get started…

Idea: image image image


  • BullyDeck @rey8801 Oh my dears how much time for designing and make it happen. It was a pain :rofl: but what to say, I dream it for long time a drop down deck fully integrated…stealthy AF!

image image

  • MAD Storm DD @rey8801 Freshly finished. I hope that will give me back half of the time I spent making them image image

  • Popoca 90mm Simply because I love low ride and popoca is the best 90mm wheels I have used so far. I will probably experiment different wheels in the future though.

  • 12s4p 30Q Gonna use NESE approach @agniusm, with modified modules from @mishrasubhransu

  • FOCbox Unity

Where I am now… Making the battery. Still waiting the final bms. It’s gonna be tiny or no way I can fit it. image image image image

to be continued…:wink:


Why don’t you put your VESC perpendicular to have all modules the same? Looks enough space will be left

Because the central wall is there to give supports. If I remove it then the whole deck loose integrity. Put it perpendicular would helps a lot for sure but not possible without making the deck thicker.

Looks awesome!

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Thanks! That is for what I need the TB truck in front :yum:

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You have lost a lot of that strength with the cutouts on that ridge.

If it were me, I would lose the central ridge and make the whole cutout narrower.

Otherwise awesome job as always. :ok_hand:

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I thought about it but I would have 6-7mm left on top of the deck image Maybe it’s not understandable from the picture but the lateral walls are really thick. Like 30 x 30mm. I think they are rather strong. I will see it when it’s done. From the itial test the deck was fine but until I stress it properly I can not be sure about it.

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What if you bolt on CF flatbar to stiffen it up?

That would probably work, but I am ok with having the 2 chambers. It’s a bit more planing in making the battery but for the rest is the same.