Strange clicking noise from wheels

I HAVE SAME NOISE !! I have to take wheels apart and back together for noise to go away. No clue why but its almost like the guides for the wheels make it click somehow. This also only happens when weight is applied. Not a bearing problem as I have new bearings and everything . Can anyone else explain?

I replaced all my bearings bushes, spaces etc and my noise went away. I think I overtightened the wheels when I first got my board.

This happened with my wheels at one point too, but with flywheel clones. Basically the sound turned out to be the bearing shifting around tiny bits within the bearing seat. The plastic would creak depending on which side it was on. Over time they had worn the bearing seats a little bit bigger than they were supposed to be. When I switched to my new authentic ABEC wheels the noise went away.

It is also possible on flywheels that it is the sound of the screws that hold the pulley on flexing the spokes, that sound has come from them before as well. Additionally it could be the bearings like others said but in my experience it was a combination of things.

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This makes a lot of sense to me and I bet that’s what’s happening. Thanks for the info I guess I’ll have to just get the megastars lol

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To be fair if you are upgrading to softer wheels than you already have it makes a world of difference, you might want that anyway haha

Which ones do you use? I usually get the primo

try flywheels on your trampa :rofl:

he might have overseen that you don´t ride thane.

ABEC Flywheels 90mm, they are pretty nice! I have the black ones