Strange clicking noise from wheels

I recently realised my wheel nuts were too tight and not allowing my wheels to spin freely. So I loosened them and now they spin freely. Only issue is that I’ve now got a noise from the wheels that wasn’t there before. I assumed that I’d loosened the nuts too much so I tightened them up a bit until just before they started to impinge the bearings and slow the wheel down, but the noise stayed.

I’ve made a short video to help diagnosis.

Do you have a spacer in each axle between bearings?

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I’m not sure. I’ll have a look tomorrow, but I’m sure I do. The board came almost fully assembled from Trampa and it only really started making this noise after I loosened the nuts.

Is it only one wheel? Drive wheel? Swap the bearings from the good wheels and check again

I’m not sure. I can’t isolate it as it only happens when I’m on the board.

You’ll have to start swapping things and pay attention to where the sound goes. First make sure you have spacers inside each wheel and you’re using speed washers on both sides of every bearing (the spacer acts as a speed washer also)

Ok, I have a go. Thanks.

The nut should be as tight as the possible but still fix the hub or squeeze the bearing. You can just try to move the hub on the shaft. As long as you can move it a bit it’s too less. How about your belt tightness? It looks very tight kn the video? Maybe you just need to loosen the belt a bit? :thinking:

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I’ve tightened the nuts until I can’t feel any movement in the hubs. Any tighter and the wheels won’t spin.

How tight should the belt be? I getting belt slippage when I brake coming down a hill. I thought that it had to be tighter to stop the belt from slipping?

Hard to tell how tight😅 As lose as possible but still tight enough to don’t slip. My belts slip a bit when I do a hard instant break. Can’t tell how it would be when downhill breaking, we don’t have so much hills here.

I crank my wheels nuts all the way down. They are tight but I have proper spacers so it does not affect bearings. My wheels roll forever.

I will have to with on my wheels a bit tomorrow. I spent today trying to fix my remote and ended up killing my receiver.

If those are the bearings clicking then I wouldn’t ride that board. My guess is you indented the inner / outer race with the ball bearings when tightening them.

I think you might be right. I went for another ride today after swapping the bearings and spacers of the rear right wheel from the outside of the shaft to the inside of the shaft. I took a video and the sound is worse, especially when I’m turning left.

I think it might be to much tension on the belt, can you loose it? A little misalignment could be causing a belt teeth to glitch (the sound), and because belts are too tight, it might happen. I have a 2017 dual pro belt motor mount from trampa, same sound, then let the idler loose, just enough to let the belt run as free as posible…and fixed it…Hope is the same issue…

I have fund that if the bearing sits loose in the hub a sound like yours can come. It gets worse when cornering (I have only experienced it when cornering or breaking). A slight coat of red loctite on the bearing might fix that.

If the bearing sits loose or there is a bearing pocket problem it doesn’t matter how hard you tighten the nut it will still sit loose.

Don’t ever put loctite on bearings.

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This tells me there is a spacer/washer problem.

So do this, take it all apart on 1 axle and then put it all back together except without the wheel. Measure the distance between the two wheel bearings on the axle. This should be the same distance between the bearing seats in the wheel hub. Report back what these numbers are

Ahh my bad I used thread locker :wink:

I would only lubricants like oil or grease on bearings. Never threadlocker or loctite.

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