Strange knocking on pavements when driving

Hi guys :slight_smile:. I’m so close to finish my electric skateboard. After weeks of testing different parts, I have found my quite appropriate setup finally (but still needs some small modifications :stuck_out_tongue: ). Today, I took my board for (I hoped) last test but I thing took my attention. Board works great, but now I have a problem with noise. Most of my time I tend to go by pavements (not too much roads for bicycles) and after 10 minutes of riding sound is so annoying that I cannot bear it. No matter what type of bricks pavements are made of. Look at the video below. Everyone looks at me because of it -_- . I changed wheels for Orangatang 83a (so soft as possible) and it didn’t help. Maybe shockpads are to thin and cause problems, or cheap bearings (got together with 97mm wheels I used before)? I have no idea. Trucks that I use are too quite cheap (nonames from old longboard) but there is no too much to work improperly. I think that bushings (Khiro) makes what they should.

There is soft gasket between deck and glass fiber electonic case so it is not a reason.

I would be grateful for any help.

Some photos how looks underneath:

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Sounds perfectly normal

Hymmm :confused: Thank you for your answer. Maybe there is a way to make it quieter? Ewentually, I will try to get used to it but if there is a way I would go for it.

Not really, MBS tires help a bit. I avoid sidewalks :wink:

It’s the wheels, all skateboard wheels will make that noise on that pavement type. Only fix is pneumatic wheels like a trampa or @psychotiller 6" wheels

It’s just the sound of your wheels going over cracks. Nothing short of pneumatics will fix that

Ok. Thank you for your help :slight_smile: I will think about pneumatic wheels so. Generally in Cracow (Poland -_-) there is not so much roads for bicycles so sidewalks are the only options for quite comfortable riding. I would save so much money if I ask earlier :sob:

Are you not allowed to ride on the streets? I ride streets almost exclusively.

I can’t ride streets either. Only pavement. I use pneumatic wheels.

According to the law, I am typical pedestrian. Oficially I can’t even use roads for cyclists -_-.

@rojitor, where did you buy wheels? I have searched ebay and aliexpress and didn’t find anything appropriate. There are 9" for about 50 dollars but these are too big - 5-6" for 50-70 dollars (set of 4) would be acceptable. Don’t want to spend too much for it again :confused:

I have 2nd hand skikes. Mbs and evolve. They are NOT cheap. I guess we have the same regulations about skateboard. I am afraid you will have to buy 2nd hand or scratch your pockets.

I checked MBS Wheels a moment ago. I haven’t seen them before. Looks good, price is acceptable (as least in USA - haven’t checked for now how it looks at Europe). But I saw that they are made of urethane, so propably it won’t help me too much. I will keep looking for 5-6" pneumatic wheels. Maybe I will be lucky and find them for good price :]

I wonder how sharkwheels sound on sidewalks Btw check these out

Thanks for the link. They looks awsome and price is awesome too ;). Propably I will consider them if I don’t find cheaper.

This will solve your “problem”… :joy:


Yeah. Sure it would :smiley:

Those wheels have my attention but still no hubs.

The noise will still occure.


Would a 97mm+ softer UT wheel be a bit smoother/quieter? Like a 107 Superfly

I would advise for you to look into 3d printed hub thread and then search for suitable tires for these hubs…

Otherwise your only closest option would be to buy seperate mountainboard trucks (might require angle + risers)… + the wheels too… This is because bearing distance and axle size differ.

Longboard wheels I believe are 8mm… mountainboard wheels are either 10mm (9.5mm) or 12mm

So yeh… not sure how easy it is for you to rebuild now… I started with mountainboard from ground up by buying a used one and then implementing useful parts.