Street Carve / Kaly 6374 190Kv / MBS 110 / Ollin VESC/ 12S4P

Had to give it a try to the 6374 190Kv on the street carve set up, just because too much power is never enough :imp:

Some pics.


Dude, that looks so badass! I love the motors, mounts and AT wheels. So clean and simple. Are you able to easily switch to the pneumatics too? Are those 7" tires? Do you know how much that setup weighs? Those 12" spring trucks are looking like the way to go for these hybrid Street/AT builds.

The switching of the wheels takes around 15 min. And the pneumatics are 7 in.

My previous street Carve board is 22lb, this one when finish will be around 23lb.

Definitely I think for hybrids this is the way to go. And something I really like about the deck is the flex, super gentle on the KNEES when riding for long distances.


Will the Deck Holes be a problem for Battery underneath ?

Awe man you beat me to it! Building a dual 6374 carver for myself. Looks badass with those bms wheels. I have a set but they vibrate from the ridges. Not great for long rsnge

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dope ! who is gonna put some ABEC 11 97mm on this little baby ?!

That I my concern too :smile: but I will put some clear plastic sheet using a strong adhesive on the bottom side of the board and under the grip tape, so the holes can be shown and no water or debris can get in.

The ridges I don’t mind that much, in fact I love the sound they produce when rolling specially during acceleration it’s just bad ass.

What Flex did you take and how much you weigh ??..would you take same flex again ?

Does the flex cause any wobble at high speed ?

My weight is 206 lb and the deck is 15 ply. My previous one is 16 ply.

I choose the 15 ply because, I want this board for cruising and crushing some hills, but not for top speed :wink:

At high speeds the 16 ply deck is stable but is better with binding, the suspension can be adjusted on each wheel to give you more control depending on your preferences and greatly reduces any potencial speed wobble.

If interested I can provide the board as well.


Some updates

The board is 98% complete, installed the @Ackmaniac firmware and set it up as best as I could with his BLDC, on a couple of minutes I’ll give it a try and if need be I’ll adjust accordingly.

One more thing to complete is the sourcing of a durable clear plastic to cover the holes on the deck. I want to showcase the holes but do not want debris getting in between the deck and battery. The holes are a pain but at least did not interfered with the battery enclosure.

@unik no ABEC 11 for this baby :wink:

Some pictures:

by the way I had to go LAME-GREEN on this one :smile_cat:


So nice,with the 63/74’s i cant stop looking at it :blush: , i kinda like the green color AT wheels myself, great work.

Concerning the Holy Pro holes, i would swoon hard at clear or white difused flexible discs or plugs with color changing leds underneath, that are used for the power meter display lights and maybe have an added disco mode or two :grin:


why not go with clear grip tape to cover the holes? that way you keep the carbon look and the holes are still visible.

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for grip tape i will use just 2 strips over the holes and let the material of the deck take center stage on this


Great Job!

So fresh and so clean!

Oh I want one, that looks so sexy, i can’t stop looking at it.

Grip tape and holes resolve :slight_smile:


beautiful and clean. Kudos man!

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What did you end up using for the holes?