Street Slayer mk.1/Riviera deck/Paris trucks/6s lipo/custom mount/vanguard enclosure/83mm flywheel clone/260kv single drive WIP

Hey guys I’m finally getting around to starting my build assembly so I might as well present what I’ve got thus far for subject examination :smile: I’m going to start taking pics to help supplement my lack of loquatiousness…

Basically I’m going some what minimalist with the intention of leisure here, ive got another board I can bomb hills with for now but this build only serves a trial phase until I get the hang of the electrical stuff.

Like I said in the title im using the following: 2 3s turnigy 5000mah lipos 1 260kv turnigy outrunner 83mm fly wheel clones Paris top-mounted trucks Motor mount from @marcmt88 Vanguard enclosure from @Eboosted Riviera drop through deck Belt drive at 16t60t I’ll have to triple check

Currently seeking esc because in now realize the 60a hobbywing quicrun can’t support 6s :(:expressionless:

I’ve got a Imax b6ac charger suggested by @Namasaki I’m still waiting on xt90antisparks to make a loop key. I had plans to integrate a voltreader into my esc. It turned out that I needed an htd-295 3m belt. for my drive, again this build is for leisure so I’m not expecting this one to last more that year or do until I can save up again for mk.2 I’m trying to think of what im missing…pretty sure I still need the community for help. Many of you were vital in getting this far. Pics on the way.


Here what I got so far…


Build looks nice. I am running 6S on my first build. Good for cruising around. My 12mm belt did not last as long as I thought. If you ride it fairly often you will need replacement belts for sure.

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You made some great choices so far. I was going to mention a remote, then saw the pics with the mini remote. Good choice! For esc I would recommend the focbox. I own four of them they have been solid and they can be repaired if needed. It’s the only vesc I would buy.

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Yeah most likely this one doesnt sit the straightest.

Yeah it’s gonna take an investment for sure those sweet looking but expensive

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This was my current total parts list. feedback and suggestions are always appreciated

STANDARD SPEED KIT (bearing spacers/speed washers) 4.35 Zealous Bearings 15.99 83mm Pro Longboard Cruiser Wheels Flywheels 19.99 Wheel Pulley Motor Pulley 15mm Belt Kit for DIY Electric Skateboard Longboard Vehicles Flywheels 35.49 MEEDEN Authentic SKYRC IMAX B6AC V2 2S-6S RC Balance Battery Charger and Discharger with Parallel Charging Board 67.99 Monoprice 121886 2 Pack Hook & Loop Fastening Tape 7.99 Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6354-260kv Brushless Outrunner Motor 66.31 ANBES Soldering Iron Kit 20.00 Mini 2.4GHz Radio Remote Control Transmitter 18.99 X2 Turnigy 5000mAh 3S 20C Lipo Pack w/XT-60 26.55 LED Longboard Kit 12.95 Riviera Deck 150.00 Custom Motor mount 50.00 from @marcmt88 Vanguard Enclosure 80.00 from @Eboosted Foc box from 135.00 @JohnnyMeduse

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Almost ready for a ride…


well with the help of @JohnnyMeduse today I was able to set my focbox and run the motor. in an anxious haste, I crudely through together my arrangement. and strapped it to the bottom of the board with velco. the hole i cut for the loop key isn’t even in the right place and i still haven’t got my damned bolts and inserts. despite all the hang ups and constant drain on funds. i think at last I may be ready to brave the concrete at irregular speeds.\

Again i have to thank @marcmt88 @Namasaki @psychotiller @JohnnyMeduse @Eboosted and many others for helping get this far. i still have a lot of refinement and most certainly upgrading to do if i don’t go up in smoke first. Thank you Esk8 community.


My first build was 6S (still is) but I wanted more speed almost right away. I would suggest at least 8S or make enclosure large enough to upgrade to 8S or 10S in the future.

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My first couple if test rides left me wanting so that is the plan upgrade to 8 or 10 s

Be careful of erpm, you might need to get a lower kV motor if upgrading voltage, Keda motors are good cost savers

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Things to buy: New mount and drive kit More batteries or custom pack to get up to 12s2p or something like that Different enclosure Second motor Second vesc … $2000 build.jpgi might scrap this build tbh