Stripped motor pulley on torque 6355 190KV motor

Hey this is my first post so I apologize for anything I mess up, but I need some help regarding my motor. My motor has a clicking noise going on which I think is a loose magnet. It looks like the motor case is rubbing against this green thing on the top (sorry I don’t know what its called) because the case is at an angle. To take my motor apart, I need to take off the motor pulley which has a screw that has a broken head. I have used a screw extractor in the past for one of the screws on my trucks but I don’t have the drill bits with me right now. Any idea on how to remove this screw so I can try to fix my motor? I am using a guide on how to open an enertion motor right now. Thanks for the help. IMG_1892 IMG_1891

I was getting a clicking noise and it turned out the shaft of one of my.motors was loose, check yours cause the shaft looks like it’s been pushed in quite a bit, it’s.nornally flush with the outside case.

a mallet worked

the shaft being too far in fixed the clicking noise but because my motor pulley cant be moved i dont have enough clearance between it and the motor for the shaft to rotate without friction from the mount.

Um that probably damaged the grub scews, normally you heat it up remove grub screws add good lock tight and out them back in.

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