Stripped Motor Threads

I’ve been working on my build the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately, due to my bad planning, i had to detach and reattach the motor numerous times. Over the course of these installations i managed to strip out the threads. How should i go about attaching it now? should i create a new attachment method? should i try to tap new threads, having never done it before?

any ideas are welcome. What do you guys think?

There is such a thing as thread repair, but I wouldn’t trust it in a hi torque situation as this. Any machine shop should be able to re-tap the holes a little larger for very little. Be careful that they use a magnet to keep shaving out of the motor. You will need to drill out the motor mount slots as well.

be careful that they use a magnet

aren’t these (turnigy) motors aluminum?

Could be, didn’t know it was a turnigy motor and have never owned one. Either way, I doubt the threaded slots are aluminum.

i’ll check next chance i get. I’m pretty sure it’s aluminum considering how easily it stripped.

You might wanna get a new motor then.

what do you think of the idea of maybe drilling out the holes a little wider and then epoxying/JB Welding some threaded inserts into the top of the motor? My instinct is that it would be pretty strong but then again i don’t know how well they play with shear forces

You might get by with epoxy, JB weld never. Keep in mind the motors get kinda hot when you push them. If you were in Alabama I’d three them for you.

I’m sure a machine shop would do it for 1p bucks, if you can find one. Or you could by a tap & thread kit, they are around 15 bucks.

my thought was that if i get the inserts (of the rivet type) in from the backs of the holes, the screws will hold them in via compression instead of pulling them out when tightened, so the glue is only really necessary to screw them in. Once they’re connected the adhesive shouldn’t matter

did you ever solve this issue? this just happened to me and i was already running 3 threads since i cross-threaded one from the start…im hoping i dont need a new motor

yeah i bought a cheapo tapping set off amazon and ran it through very carefully. was actually pretty easy. However, there is a possibility that the original problem was caused by my screws being not the exact right size so they were falling out too easily. I’d say go for it - What’s the worst that could happen?