Stripped psychotiller motor mount - no longer able to get parts - SZ motor mounts?

my psychotiller motor mount has a stripped hole (the part that slides on the hanger) and refuses to stay tight with only 2 bolts. a replacement is no longer available, so i was wondering if there was another good set of motor mounts that would fit sz trucks?

also, if i was going to fix it… what do you thing about drilling out the hole and tapping it for a bit bigger of a screw?

or do i just sand the black off and JB weld them bitches together? i dont think i ever need to really adjust the motor height.

My buddy Gabe (coloradocaddy) has been tasked with fixing it so im trying to get some community input. Thanks my brothers.

Please upload a picture showing the exact issue.

You can always use a thread repair kit like a helicoil.