Stroller trailer for electric longboard

I’m planing to add a bicycle baby trailer to my eboard in order to take my upcoming boy out for long distances.

I like the idea of quinny but being such a fanatic of e-boards this idea is appealing.

Has anyone done this before?


I’ve dragged luggage around by holding it by the handle. having the trailer attached to the board I wouldn’t like

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Yeah, I guess you could loose control easily at high speeds, but for slow speed such as taking your baby to the park at 10MPH it should work pretty good

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Rookietwo - Build : Rookie One | Scrub Regolith | channel | Turnigy SK3 6374 149kv | X-Mount | 15/60 | 8S | VESC

:wink: Enjoy !


I’m curious how long is that motor mount going to last.

Wow riako! That’s amazing! Exactly what I was looking for, how long have you been running this trailer? Do you have any issues braking or loosing control of the board at all? Is it stable at high speeds?

Don’t know, it’s Rookietwo’s build (link of the post bellow), not mine but he said

“We just made 4 km on bike path, loaded 25 kg in the trailer, of which 10 kg that have fallen asleep! There are shock absorbers on the trailer, they hardly smell the hen ids! There is very little effort exerted on the mount: the majority of the weight is exerted on the wheels of the trailer. The force exerted on the coupling is very low. It is held by a m6 nut on a screw designed to hold an unfolded scooter.” “it brakes well, it just adds the 35 kg to take into account: if you like already pulled a bike trailer, it’s the same;) and at kinetic energy level it’s just like I was a Little more”

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I know that guys in the e-bike DIY community have used strollers to house extended range battery packs, if you’re interested in doing that. Endless Sphere would be the best reference probably.

I’ve got an old radio flyer in my workshop, long term plans are to spot-weld together a whole bunch of cheap cells in parallel (10s20p? 30p?) along with VESCs/BMS in the trailer, and run long motor wires to the board.

It’ll be heavy and turn like a tractor trailer, but there won’t be any voltage sag issues with that kind of juice. 200-300 18650 cells should provide 100 miles on a charge, while towing my dog. Would be fun for a weekend camping trip.

good stuff too for ESK8 Trailer Hitch

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I’ve actually used a “hoverboard” and PUSHED my daughter’s stroller and Little Tykes car going about 6 miles an hour, pretty scary with a young child to go faster.

The great about skateboard is the ability to step/run off when SHTF. Not sure how I would feel with a child strapped to it. Plus your stopping power is less because of a mass pushing you. I absentmindedly didn’t notice a large crack on the road once and ran off (and hit the brake) my board ended up in the middle of a car lane, that would not be good if a child was attached to it.

Just make sure you are careful when you do this, and strap on a helmet on both.

I’ll let you know guys as soon as I test my build, I might use additional braking systems for the stroller

It’s only a matter of time before signal gets lost or in my case I’ve had many times of extreme throttle out of nowhere.

That’ll be scary! What remote have you experienced this behavior with?

I had the motor go full acceleration on the bench about 3 hours ago. It’s a mini trigger but I don’t blame it and think it’s always a bad connection. I have more trouble with receivers than anything and they’re so dangerous in that this can happen. The nunchuck I stopped using after a day. Maybe other people would’ve soldered and it’d be good on that but I’ve had soldering break on them. They’re what always breaks when something breaks.

This one gets the cool parent of the year award! Instead of a trailer, you could try adding motors to one of these:

You’ll likely need some serious torque though.

This is cool! But expensive though!

I’d never skateboarded before, and then bought the Quinny Longboard Stroller! It’s awesome. I knew once my little’un out grew it, that I’d miss the fun, so at 39 I finally learnt to skateboard (well, longboard).

Once I got the knack, I bought an electric board. Having brakes and being able to go uphill is awesome! Off road MTB is the best.

Here’s a more lightweight alternative to what you’re thinking whick I knocked up using a trike:

Very basic but good enough attachment to the board. I can’t post more pics as I’m a new user, but my full post on the Evolve forums is here: