Strongest truck hanger or truck for freestyle esk8?

building an esk8 with a jet spud worries about the hanger bending and maybe the trucks whats my best option itll be a @okp style build which i fucking love anyway whats my options?

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Recent thread I found using the :mag_right: function…


I have been riding theeve titanium trucks for the past few years and never going back.

They are the best trucks in my opinion, light as a feather and far stronger than indys, which a lot of people swear by.

Grind nice, I’ve been down some big sets with them, and even had them ran over by cars on 3 seperate occasions. Worst was the truck bent to a 45 degree angle… I just bent it back and kept filming, haha.

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oh ya need be light too btw its going on a jet spud so cant be big mounting a motor and then i just wanna do 5 steps n shit its the downward pressure n shit im worried about fitting kegels and prob a 6354 to it

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are they 180 tho its for esk8 build nah they are n all

I can recommend bear kodiaks! May they aren’t as light as titanium trucks, but they are rock solid. Since they are forged aluminium they are way stronger then cast trucks!

what lenghts the hanger theyll fit a motor and mount ya bitta shaving off them course to fit 181mm 3 different type of bushings (tall one) are included!

I worked with titanium for years in the aero space industry. It is truly an amazing alloy. Light like aluminum but strong like spring steel.

In the past, after a year or so of abuse, every steel truck I’ve ever own cracks and breaks while riding. That’s how I know I need a new truck.

Now with the titanium trucks, I get 2 or more years, and the only reason I replace them is because I’ve grind one side down way too much (like fs a lot more for 50-50, 5-0, smith, lipslides, even boardslides, but I like bs noseslide, crooks, and nose grinds better for some reason, lol)

Too bad Theeve doesn’t make longboard trucks. They would be #1 if they did. Imagine, precision titanium trucks.