Student Budget e-board

I’m think I’m addicted to Casey Neistat’s Vlogs, so it must have happened sometime! I want my own Boosted Board.But its price is a bit too high for my student budget. Whats more, even recommended DIY board parts are also a bit too expensive, so my plan is to build the cheapest board I can and replace parts one by one in the future. I used to build rc planes and drones, so my workshop is rather good. I’ve also have little 3D printer.

So, parts list that I found by reading a bit on the internet: Board - the cheapest I can get (maybe second-hand?) to replace in the future Motor - Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 5055-280KV ESC - FVT 120A Control - Excellway® 2.4GHz Radio Remote Controller Receiver Transmitter from Banggood Power - 2x 5000mAh 3S - 18650 in far future Cover and gears - 3dprinted :wink:

As I said I don’t have to much money, but I don’t know if I didn’t overdue it with saving ;x What do you think about my list of parts?

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Try this out a little more.


i got a sk3 6354 250kv motor and a ebay duel esc with remote laying around that i can sale to you

Get a used motor if you dont have the bucks 280is weak and high kv

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get a meepo board.


What is your budget? If you dont have the money to build a good now, it may be better to wait until you have a bigger budget… But again, what is your budget?


Metro board?? orrrrrr

My budget is about 300$ expansible to 400$ for parts (without gears, motor mount, covers)

Lmao, safe up a little more and read a lot more. Trust me if you go cheap your going to end up wasting twice as much or even more , going that extremely cheap will not be fun, unreliable and not worth it. My budget build was 600 ended up wasting 1300$ till I was content with it to.


As @Exiledd_Top said, you night wanna save a little more and build somthing that last, rather than cheaping out on every part

$400 is not a high enough budget.

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Don´t let you knock down from these guys. A build like that is totally fine!

Take a look at @lowGuido ´s cheap build and videos about it!

To your parts:

Board - find a cheap one without much flex Motor - SK3 is good, but get the 245 kv 6364 for more power (one single 5055 is too weak) ESC - FVT is a good one! Remote - Excellway (didn´t not it with this name) is a mini remote and really good Batteries - 2x 3s is good for a 6s, just make sure you grab these with a high enough C rating, like 35C or something to get enough power. 5000 mah or up is ok. Printed parts: all good, but take a steel motor pulley! Printed will only last for wheel pulleys.

Have fun building!

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You can get by with an aluminum motor pulley but not a printed one. It won’t last long but it will work fine.

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You know your right, but here’s the kicker am sure @lowGuido read the forum for awhile and read about the what works and what doesn’t and things not to do on topics and knowledge etc. And then decided to weigh his opinions and what he can and Cannot do on his budget he didn’t come 3 days in and without knowledge wanting to go the cheapest. Am not discouraging him from going cheap just given the senerio 3 days in new dude I wouldn’t not recommend that off the bat. Just my two cents

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He has the right components on his list.

Better start with the cheap components and fuck something up, then being a noob, buy expensive stuff, because the pros do it like that, and then fuck up.

Actually when I built mine this forum didnt exist and there was no vast amount of information on what works and what doesnt. So I had to try it and see. I made some good choices and some bad choices. And it cost me a little more than expected because I blew up the first ESC which was a helli ESC. But i xompiled all the stuff that DID work and was cheap so that every one after me didnt have to make the same mistakes.

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Can you try VESC?

Vesc is over his budget. He needs to read for about a month and save some more money.

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In fact, I also intend to produce VESC, and the price is relatively cheaper.:joy:

@balipl, we understand your anxiety for 1st esk8 and know about going cheap on parts. But hear the advice from experienced builders, they spent far more than 400$ and built more than 1 board. There is a way on going cheap on some parts. Here’s my opinion on what you could get:

  1. Turnigy Kit. There are people that used it and liked it. The only concern is the VESC. If you’re careful and don’t go over it’s limits, it will serve you very well. The motor in this kit is very punchy. The motor mount is solid on these trucks. The wheels are a bit small but enough for what you want. Talk to @Alphamail for bushing setup, don’t go cheap on them, because stock bushings are rubbish.
  2. Batteries. Get 2 of these and connect in series. 3Ah is not huge range but for your budget is OK. You can always buy 2 more and connect in parallel for 6Ah. 3.Series harness
  3. Anti-spark loop key
  4. Charger
  5. Wire
  6. Loctite You will only need a deck, enclosure, grip tape and keep your remote that you listed. And safety gear always.

Hope it helps.