Stupid first day 6 hour ban

this i f ing stupid get it off plz it sucks

You will be able to reply in about 6 hours, just be patient


Good time to catch up on some back reading. You get credit for reading others posts

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it’s not that stupid, it’s spam and bot protection


someone is a chatty cathy.

It’s a bit anoying, it’s only like 3 answer you can make on your first day

Also your name is somewhat sexual which is fine I feel the same way about mountain boards


Lol. I love my mountain board too, but nothing sexual.

I just can’t imagine how you would be oriented on a mountain board. Oh god… :joy:


hahahah im kidding guys

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True but it but the 69 is not that 69 I am born on June 9 so 69 Haha

Dude rly :unamused:

haha! i know im playing!

It was a joke mate. Haha

some weird shit here guys. Save it for 8chan


/b/ <3 :joy:

Sk8chan :sweat_smile:

How do I create a topic? Do I have to reply and read a load to gain enough points or something?

Yeah you have to post enough to create a topic - won’t take long

I love my board too, but I prefer a more traditional position, albeit a bit of a goofy one. I sometimes switch for variety.