Sturdy 3D Printed eskate light brackets

So after going through about 5 prints I have figured out the Best/Sturdiest way to attach my lights from Aliexpress I found the original clip on thingverse but after printing that the lights did not seem to be locked in and could have just slipped out. So I decided to modify it I tried adding screw thread so I could use screws to hold the two pieces together, it ended up working partially but the supports sort of destroyed the threads, so in the end I added holes for zipties in the design. This makes for a cleaner look and sturdy grip.

This attached the lights perfectly and they are at no risk of falling out ever, even Shredlights fall out and aren’t as durable as these. As for charging the lights. These are 18560 cell based lights, so all you need to do is turn the orange button, pull out your cell and stick it in a charger. Here are some pictures of the final print.

STL File


Maybe think about hinging one side of the clamp and using a buckle or thumb screw for the other?

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That could work but I wanted to minimize things I would have to buy externally, which is why I rejected even adding screws. Mostly everyone has zipties as home and I built the design keeping that in mind. And this is sturdy as hell, no way those lights are going anywhere, they are gonna live and die with that board and that was the intention.

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I have a bunch of those hinges that I bought to use on an enclosure but never used them.

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I had to modify it again because the light was a bit far away and truck was hitting the light when turning hard so moved the light up and inside a bit also uploaded the stl file.



My favorite Slogan.

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In case anyone stubles upon this thread. This is how they look like on the board. The second redesign was a success.

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Does your light turn on and off from the vibrations of the board?

Nope. It does not do that.

These lights also seem to make a ton of noise from vibrations, i am going to open up the front and glue everything down as things are just rattling inside othewise.

i also bought these lights. compared it to my wizard from armytek, can’t compete but for 6€ these are quite good.

You tried using 1 inch p vibration clamps? Easiest and absorbs vibration well

Wow, that might just work. Much better way than this 3d printed stuff.

You’re welcome :wink: if your flashlight is long enough, you can use 2 clamps per flashlight

Here’s the torch holders I designed, just print in TPU and they won’t break off.

Great idea

I wish my printer could print TPU properly.