Submersible brushless motors

I am looking for a brushless motor that can handle extremely wet contitions for rainy environments or snow without modifications. Are there any with the same power as other popular motors used on this site like turning, aps, leapord etc? I was looking at RC boat motors but none seem to be the same power and size… What do electric boat trolling motors use? They are submerged constantly…

RC boats are nowhere near the size or under as much weight as the motors we use if they are the motors are usually specialized. I would say trolling motors are a different type of motor. We use outrunner motors

Im not sure but i would say if the windings and cables and the connection between them are waterproof (everything that gets wet) it should work. Maybe somebody else knows it :smiley:

Check out


I think you´re looking for an inrunner. Depending on what you want to build, you just have to find the right size and kv