Sudden brake when rising throttle on VESC4

Hello builders! I built one drive esk8 with Flipsky 4.20 vesc, one Unlimited x Loaded sensorless hub motor and 10s1p Samsung 40T Battery pack + 60A BMS. Remote is Flipsky VX1 connected via UART. When I go more than 20 kph with 0 throttle and start pushing it to about 30%, board suddenly brakes (not full brake) for about half a second. It doesn’t happen when I go uphill, only down or flat. How do you think what can cause such a behavior and how can I solve it? Thanks

I would test on bench while connected to pc to see what happens.

Maybe remote sends glitched signal.

Other reason would be if u had traction control or otherwise limited RPM.

Im not super savy with vesc settings but I would try to replicate the situation while connected to pc and monitoring the remote’s signal.

Can you post your vesc settings?

There is no limit on ERPM. Config bellow, everything else is default. I think remote is ok, because no issue when going uphill.

VESC Tool screenshots

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Im going to try bldc mode instead of foc.