Suggesions with modding Acton Blink Lite

I bought an Acton Blink Lite for pretty cheap ($300) on an Ebay sale, and the board has been great so far. But, I think that the board has a few shortcomings that I want to improve on by modding it myself!

First and most importantly, I want a more powerful motor. The current hub motor according to Acton’s website: has a maximum power of 450W, going “10mph”. In reality, the board averages at 7mph and never goes past 9mph, which is simply too slow for my commute to college. I was thinking of using these hub motors: diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/torque-single-hub-motor/ which are rated to go to 20mph. I definitely do not need to reach these speeds on such a small board, and I think 15-18mph would be a good theoretical max to reach.

Just planning out what I would need to do if I bought this motor though: At the very least, I would need new wheels that are larger and match the 83mm hub motor wheels I would probably need a new VESC, but I am not sure. Would it be possible to use the current system that is in the board? Battery: The batteries currently on the Acton Blink Lite is VERY bad. I don’t think it has a proper BMS, as it suffers from a common design flaw of having a bad fuel gauge. This board will read 50% battery, but the voltage would be EXTREMELY low (the torque on the hub motors would be basically nonexistent). Is there any way I could get similar dimension batteries (see Chinese-built board photos) that are denser and give more power? The 5 mile range that is rated for these batteries is pretty terrible, and if I need to lengthen the enclosure somehow, I will.

I’ve been referencing a Chinese-built board that is almost IDENTICAL to the Acton Blink Lite:

This thing is spec-by-spec identical to the Blink Lite, and the controller+hub motor design+enclosure design is almost identical as well. I actually haven’t been brave enough to open mine up yet, so I’ve been looking at this before pulling the trigger to mod my skateboard.

Those are my thoughts and research thus far. Am I missing anything important that I need to consider?

Thanks in advance!

More powerful motors won’t give you more power you need an esc that is programmed for more power and batteries that can supply it.

Would it be possible to get higher top speed with just a replacement battery+vesc?

Yes. the vesc can be programmed to Whatever wattage u want and then just make sure ur motor doesn’t get too hot

Just do a bit of searching here what others did:

A lot of people start modding a prebuild board and after spending a amount of money, they changed nearly everything and would have been much cheaper selling their prebuild and going full diy.