Suggest a build, ~700 euro

Been lurking a bit, but still feel that I have way too little knowledge to plan my board, and with my budget I can’t really get decent pre-built one (this might be debatable, but the thing is I’m in Denmark, so +25% Vat tax) .

So I thought maybe you guys could do something similar to what does - suggest me a build.

Some info to get idea of what I need:

Weight: 92kg

Slight hills, biggest one as far as I checked is 8%, most hills are smaller.

Would use it for commuting only, maybe some traveling.

Would love dual motors in case one fails for brakes, but probably hard to achieve with my budget.

Almost no skateboarding experience, planning on riding longboard alone for a week or two to get an idea on how to brake and what speed I’m comfortable with.

Rough idea of what I’m thinking now:

Board: This is where I spend most time because of my weight and that most shops don’t provide stats about it. Found that only loaded gives that data on every shop I seen it so far and atm thinking of something like loaded Vanguard flex 1.

Besides the weight I don’t really care about how it looks, blank one would be fine.

Motor: probably 6374 3300W?

Esc: Vesc? Or maybe go cheaper with RC Esc?

Batteries : Lipo, mostly because I don’t have spot welder and designing 18650 battery pack board for travel (<100wh) would be pain, while I could have multiple 5000mah 6s, I think, lipo batteries in series which, when removed would be each ~90wh.

Don’t really have idea about other parts.

Thing to notice: once again I’m from Denmark, so anything outside of Europe that is above ~11$ will come with 25% Vat tax + ~25 $ administration fee.


Your Esc choice mostly depends on your batteries. If you are going above 6s I recommend the vesc, but if you are only going to be running at 6s, then a hobby rc should be fine.

I recommend something along the lines of this video

For transmitter/reciever, GT2B is the way to go

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LOL 100kWh you probably mean 100Wh

Thanks! I wasn’t aware of this video

Thanks, probably got autocorrected or just a brain fart

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I´d recommend a standard 6s build with that budget: Sk3 6364 245kv X-Car Beast 150A 2x 3s Lipos imax b6 charger 83mm flywheel clones 15/36 gearing 15mm Caliber 50° Trucks Gt2b with mod or Mini Remote Nice Deck of your choice

Something like that will work fine :slight_smile:


So I would suggest the VESC either from Esk8 de or torqueboards. Dexter from told me that he can label the vesc 30$. So I don’t know how the danish administration will handle fees but it should be approx 7$

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Yep but he can build this as a single setup for way less then 700$! I built a similar setup for 350$, look at my profile for more information :smile:

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yah but you cheaped out. If you wanna have a good board, upgrade to a really nice deck (like the suggested vanguard for about under 200€) a SK3 6364 for 80€ and better batteries (more than 30c with 6s), a nice enclosure and you´re over 600€.

If you can build a proper 10s with that budget, go for it, otherwise build a nice 6s board :slight_smile:

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10s… including a BMS + charger or 10s capable balance charger to actually charge it… would be an exciting build! :slight_smile:

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Sure! I suggested 6364 in the thread but I was foolish and went 5055 430kv :weary:

Or you wait a bit and get yourself the Comunityboard “EBB - Proton”


The most commonly used BMSs are from or bestech, just in case you’re wondering. And you should get an On/Off switch or a loop key :slight_smile:

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I would work backwards for your setup in two ways:

  1. Deck - shape, type, and length will determine Wheels, batteries, enclosures. A symmetrical board like vanguard will clear large wheels like 90/97 flwheels (and clones), but those same wheels on a topmount (like a kicktail) - you’ll need really big risers if they fit at all.

  2. ESC - ability to run >6s i think is key. Even if you go with a VESC at 6s to start - the ABILITY to go up to 12s is really nice. Especially as you are learning - i’d run lower voltage until it seems slow to you - then add another battery in series, or go to higher voltage/series setup for more speed/power.

Personally, on a budget, i’d get less expensive parts like @Shogu12’s motor mount, and @Titoxd10001’s gears. Measure your center to center axle/motor length and use a belt length calculator. Here’s an example w/ a guesstimate CtC length (otherwise correct - metric - HTD5 - Wheel Gear teeth, motor gear teeth):


Once you know belt length - order from nearest/cheapest you can find. I like polybelt as they are in the US, fast shipping, and pretty inexpensive (in “standard” widths like 9mm and 15mm). If i need odd widths (like 12mm) or custom gears i get mine from beltingonline in the UK. More expensive, but also closer to you.

ESC and motors - i’d assume you’ll get a VESC 4.12 or similar with 60k ERPM limits. Even if you don’t plan on running higher than 6s to start - later if you want to go higher voltage you’ll want a lower kv motor now. I’d stick to the 190kv range personally 6355 or 6374 sizes - on 6s a good slow speed learning board, and later on 8/9/10s for POWER!

So for Motors - stick to 8mm shaft motors like Sk3, or some from Enertion/DIYes/JLabs etc. And on a budget i’d suggest a single motor setup to start - increasing voltage later when you want more power for hills. Able to move 90kg along just fine - i’m 120kg and my 6374 (GF’s board), and Marbel w/ 50mm both move me along fine and up some decent hills on 8s.

Trucks - Legit Caliber II 50’s vs clones if you care. More importantly - get good bushings for your weight - biggest improvement and difference IMO. Especially for a heavier rider.