Suggestion for Verified Seller's List Pinned on top of all post

To improve this community regarding sales transaction. I say a verified list is created and stickied to the top of this forum instead of being buried in usersub. There has to be some kind of way to have that verified flair added each user who does legitimate sales so no one is lying. This also helps with trying to find people for group buys not at level 3. I can’t even remember who does group buys here.

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What qualifies you as a verified seller

Its arbitrary

Maybe those who have made multiple sales in good faith. I don’t qualify for this verification if it was to be implemented.

There are plenty of forums where you have a seller rating based on feedback. Not sure what forum base this one is running, but I’m sure there are plugins for a marketplace rating system available.

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For some reason, I have a feeling that the reasoning for not adding it will be because this is esk8 .builders, not esk8 .market, and thus, this isn’t the right place for it.

Personally, I wish we had some system. But it’s not my call, so I moved on already. This is not a new idea…

Actually, I’d argue that buying and selling of parts is an integral part of building esk8. A market sounds more like for completes.

I think group rides are an integral part of building too. It gives you the ability to really compare your work to others, gain ideas, and learn what works. It’s an important process to become a better builder. But this is the logic as to why we can’t organize group rides on this forum anymore.

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This idea (see link) was suggested, but didn’t gain any steam. This worked well on two RC forums I belonged to in the past. Unless you meant actual businesses.