Suggestion on battery pack

Hi, I’m asking for your help and advice to achieving my goal.

My goal is to build and esk8 longboard with speed around 20 mph, with the range at least 20 miles (single charge). The essential parts that I already have: (2x) Turnigy SK3 6374 192kv (2x) motor mounts, Caliber II trucks, 15T/36T pulleys + belts (15mm width). (2x) Turnigy SK8-ESC set of 90mm wheels and bearings.

The question is, what kind of battery pack (10s, 12s, number of parallels needed). I’m scratching out LiPos due to because of its inconvenience to charge them.

Any input with deeply appreciated. Thanks.

10s3p would get you where you want.

I don’t think a 10s3p with 25r cells is gonna go 20 miles, I’m not sure a 10s4p with 30q cells will do 20 miles. I get 16 miles with 6in wheels and a 10s4p 40q pack. Maybe if your really light.

I would get a 10s5p or 12s4p with 30q cells, won’t be cheap though.

Addressing one other thing you stated… It’s just as easy to charge lipos as li-ion cells if you use a BMS.

I think you can blame your wheels

Yup, read some threads and watch some videos about bms and lipos. Probably i’ll consider that as my last resort. I have zero knowledge about batteries and bms’es, and time is a luxury, which i don’t have. That’s why I might go to pre-made battery packs. Thanks for the input. Very much appreciate it.

10s3p is just not that great. I get max. 15 km out of my Samsung 25R pack (97 mm wheels) and only if I am riding on moderately flat grounds.

Check out Miami Electric Boards @oriol360

They do premade 12s2p packs. Not gonna get you 20 miles, but not much will, unless you’re willing to pay for it.

I know @barajabali makes custom packs and a few others as well.


yeah, unfortunately barajabali does not ship to canada. 12s2p will not give me range. Thanks, though.

So, which LiPo set-up would you suggest. Will try to learn and build myself one. Thanks.

I’d buy x5 2s 30 to 60c 5k to 8k mah lipos and a Bestech 10s BMS. The hardcase lipos are especially nice.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Will try to copy this set-up. Cheers.

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I’d go for 10s4p li-ion 18650s, either LG HG2 or Sony Konion VT6.

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My single motor setup with 97 abecs and 10s4p 30q takes me around 20 miles on one charge using 1000w max (watt control) and I’m roughly 200 lbs with board.

Edit; *took me… My motor died on me… :unamused:

I have never limited mines so thats a lot of why I dont get 20 miles, I cant seem to stay out of the throttle :slight_smile: . Good suggestion though.

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