Suggestion on second board

I ordered a Raptor 2 and I am currently waiting for it, i want to get another board in the meantime to ride around and hand off to my girl once i get my R2. any suggestion for a board currently available under $1000? Im 6foot 6 inches tall and weigh 265lbs i was looking into a Blink s2 but i think im too heavy for it, too bad it has good specs and a good price.

Yeah, blink s2 is sweet…the easiest solution is getting in shape (if you are not body builder) :slight_smile: Or you can make smaller board similar to blink S2 but a little more powerful…you should get into the price of the blink board without any problem…

Im actually not over weight im just a large guy with hig muscles lol. I wonder if the blink s2 could handle my weight fine but just have reduced performance.


I think it would be fine but with slightly reduced specs as you mentioned. I would go for it and if it doesn’t work, just return it!

1 Like check out the Mach 1. Should meet all your needs and also be more then enough power to satisfy.

@Alextech is still trying to fill a lot of other orders so I recommend diy electric rn or look for parts posted on the forum

build one !

Make a Trampa street carver with single 6374 motor, you could layer upgrade to dial when you realize this hobby is addictive