Suggestions are most appreciated

How is everyone?

I am here to ask for a suggestions for upgrading my current board. I bought an Ego-2 years back and one of the cells started to erode which helped kill the board. I am here to ask on what I should do and any upgrades you guys would suggest. I would like to keep using the Ego-2’s board because of how nice and sturdy it is. Here are some big questions"

Should I keep using the original BMS or should I get a new one? Any suggestions on any VESC and motor to go with it? Is it possible to keep using the Ego-2 remote controller or do I have to get a new one?

If you like the board as it is.

You can just get some nicer Reputable cells and swap them into the same configuration.

and yeah old BMS is fine If it still works and is undamaged from any short.

And if you want to go super noob you could probably even buy an OEM replacement pack.