Suggestions on how to raise enclosure 2,7 cm from the deck

TL;DR: Any suggestions on how to make my enclosure 2,7 cm taller?

Hey everyone!

I’m currently putting my board together and my original plan was to make an epoxy wall to mount my enclosure on top of to make it 2,7 cm taller.

As I’ve now realized I need wayyy more epoxy to do that and it’s not in stock+expensive am I looking for new options.

I have had a few ideas in mind, but I got no experience with any of them.

  1. Make a new enclosure from glass fiber (never worked with glass fiber before)
  2. Make a riser on a 3D printer (I don’t know how to use 3D designing software and I don’t own a 3D printer (My local library has one, but I can’t decide color and material+it’s a bit expensive))
  3. Use plastic cardboard instead of epoxy


Please don’t get me wrong, i’m not judging any of these suggestions and anything else that involves something new and is not “the easy option”, i’m just looking for options that might be a bit easier and faster as spring is right around the corner.

Some might say “just get a new enclosure, you idiot”, but it needs to be at least 4,5 cm tall and I can’t find one with those measurements. I’ve also already sanded my deck where I planned to make the epoxy wall, so I would have to repaint my deck again.

So yea, does anyone have any suggestions? I’m open to anything. Literally anything.

Thanks for reading till the end :slight_smile:

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You can’t order from German Amazon?

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2.7cm / 27mm is a fair increase for epoxy

Why can’t you just use some timber strips ? Depending on availability in your area could also look at some off cuts of engineering plastics which would hold up and be a bit stronger in the long run. Heck if your deck is pretty much flat (or a bit of epoxy to make it flat) you should be able to get some 25mm x 25mm (inch x inch) aluminium box section and corner joiners, eg

I’d probably be leaning towards a wood riser tho as cheap and easy

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Neoprene / rubber sheet, trace enclosure outline, hollow it out so it’s just a thickened outline, mount on top?


27mm of neoprene foam is quite a lot. I fear it makes the whole enclosure easy to knock off and prone to vibrations.


Rubber from Gideon!


Yeah then definitely a high duro rubber as the cool guy above me suggested :point_up:


@goldrabe I can actually order from but still gets quite expensive though. Totally forgot about that, thanks!


You are right, I was actually also a bit afriad that the epoxy would burn my deck because the heat when drying would be stuck :joy:

The wood riser is actually a really really good idea. It should be pretty simple, quick, cheap and easy. Use epoxy to glue the wood riser on the enclosure. Spray it with some black paint and clear coat and BAM.

@venom121212 @bigben

It’s funny how you mention foam from Gideon, because I’ve actually got a pretty decent amount of it :joy:


I must agree with @goldrabe though, 27mm seems like a lot of foam to stack on top of each other. Might be a bit unstable, but I’ll take it into my consideration. Thanks!

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He does sheets or strips of hard rubber.

I use 3d printed risers, about 2.5 cm at there thickest point. If you go that route make sure to add in holes for your enclosure screws to go through.

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If you have TAP Plastics or something like that, you could get some strips of HDPE cut to your specs or get lucky and find some scrap pieces for cheap that they usually have available when you first walk in.

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I might be able to help you with a custom enclosure

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Thanks a lot for the offer! Didn’t expect that, lol.

I’m sorry, but I think I’ll have to pass that offer though… :pensive:

Shipping the deck to you would be really expensive. Then there is also the enclosure price + shipping it back. It would quickly get too expensive for my budget…