Suggestions on mounting 16t torqueboards pulley on 6374 sk3


I have purchased: Dual 6374 sk3 16/36T Torqueboard pulley combo Torquboards Motor Mount Type: Normal Motor Mount (Inward)

So I have noticed that the motor shafts are a bit short. And would like some suggestions on how to mount the motor pulleys. I do have some key ways as well. And I know that the shafts will need a bit of grinding for they key way or pulley bolts to hold.

Hope someone can help.

Thanks. 20190130_213229

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I mean you could just turn it around and mount it with the screws on the inside, no?

1/4 of it is coming out. Which I was thinking of settling with but figures I should get some suggestions before I start grinding grooves for the little bolts

Dremel a flat spot on the shaft and then install the pulley with Loctite and one setscrew (between the teeth). Turn the pulley around so the overhang is pointing away from the motor.

Loctite 648 on the shaft is going to make sure that the pulley won’t move. For the set screw use Loctite 243


Honestly the overhang is probably fine IMO.

You could do what @Bjork3n says, but just keep in mind you will probably need a blowtorch to get it off. Thankfully your mounts allow you to slide the motor off with the pulley on them, but regardless it will be hard to get off.

Its not the best idea but it will solve the problem. I have looked for replacement shafts but that seems like a pain. And I cant find pulleys specific for these turnigies. It may have to be my only solution. But i have seen plenty of these motors on here… so I was hoping for a cleaner suggestion. But I really appreciate the help!

Dremel a flat spot is a clean solution and a very common one. If you don’t want to dremel you can use 648 loctite only. Just be sure to let it cure 48H. This Loctite is super strong, I mean super duper strong. Only removable with heat, lots of it.


Naaa I was expecting to dremel and have that planned. Just didn’t expect the overhang but obviously that wount work without a shaft replacement or new pulley. Which I would be into getting a new pulley but cant find anything near as nice in a smaller width

It’s not a problem that the overhang part of the pulley don’t have contact with the shaft. I have the same pulley and a short shaft on my motor. No problem at all.

My installation looks like your first and second picture and has been working fine.


Well I really appreciate the confirmation. I guess I will mark the shaft and get to grinding. If you got sometime at some point it be appreciated to have a pic of your pulley set up. Or a link if it’s already floating around

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I’m also thinking of only grinding one side and leaving a bit of a lip for the screws to hold I feel that both side will really leave the shaft very weak

I can fix a picture after work (12hrs) on my setup.

I however use a keyway but a flat spot and Loctite works great aswell.

One flat spot on one side is enough, don’t worry :slight_smile:

If the pulley has one or more threaded holes in the middle of the teeth as well as those on the end collar, I’d just use that. Don’t use shitty chinese setscrews, they’re made of cheese. Get good quality alloy steel ones with a cup point. Put a flat spot on the shaft, and use loctite. If the protruding collar bugs you, you can always dremel it off, but that’s a lot of grinding.

You don’t need to dremel, just use a file. Also the pulley overhanging the motor shaft is very common, and should pose no problem

Yeah I thought about it but didn’t wana hve problems with the belt breaking or slipping and to find a screw to fit flush in that hole dosnt seem worth the trouble

Set screws are specifically designed for that. It’s your best option, really. As long as the set screw is below the surface and hitting a flat spot, it’ll work great.

I went for it not a massive grind but I dont think I dont need much more than that Thanks team :smiley: 15489120799151392615922791093461


You going around in circles with an sterile approach when the solution is simpler…forget grub screws or keyways, they solve nothing with your short shaft (which is a limitation that makes them useless).

The solution:


Let it dry for 48 hours and you will not rip that pulley out the shaft.

You will not find a pulley designed for that motor because its an airplane motor. Discard the outer bolts and use the set screws within the pulley body. Grind a proper flat spot on the shaft but make sure before you do to bag the motor up and seal it in case the filings get in the can and cause havoc. Get everything aligned and perfect before using the 680. Otherwise its a strip down and blowtorch job to get the pulley back off. Getting the wheel and pulley alignment perfect is crucial to efficient running of the drivetrain so test it fully before eventually fixing everything with the loctite. Good luck

Just send it back and get one with a longer shaft! I ran into the same problem. 20190111_133201|243x500