Suggestions on truck spacer size?

Started my build this weekend…the motor is hitting the deck in a slight turn. I have Caliber Trucks and the Enertion mount with the R-spec motor. I am looking for the minimal rise…suggestions?

I do.

if its only just hitting put a 5mm-10mm riser under the truck

He said he wants the lowest profile. You don’t have to use risers with my mount. You can even run drop through.

@mandolaire already has a motor mount, the question he asked was about risers.

I suggest the smallest you can use is about 8mm when the enertion motor mount is angled to its furthest position away from the deck… also depends how you route the motor wires.

some decks have a micro drop, so then you need to accommodate for that. Normally the thinest risers are about 3mm

so maybe go with a 8mm & 3mm thick spacer so you play around a bit.

Also, try to buy risers made out of some kind of rubber-like material, something to help reduce vibrations.

“I am looking for the minimal rise…suggestions?”

The most minimal rise would be no risers right? As I said, you don’t need risers with mine. I designed them that way because most longboarders I know, like drop through or no risers.

I gave a suggestion. That’s not spam!

Using the motor mount angle adjustment itself, pivoting around the truck axle to increase clearance, makes the motor closer to the ground. So you do increase the motor-to-board gap but you decrease the motor-to-ground gap which is not ideal as you will bash your motors on lots of stuff.

The compromise is using risers, this allows you to have a big motor-to-ground gap whilst also meeting the minimal gap necessary to prevent the mount hitting the deck.

I like to have the motor barrel level with truck hanger at worst… beyond that point (closer to the ground) you are asking for trouble.

If your goal is low center of gravity I suggest buying a deck that has a drop in it, but that also allows ample clearance for the motors.

the bustin ibach is a good example;

You generally need to redrill the truck mounting holes so you can push the trucks closer to the end of the deck which is what i did in the picture above.

This picture gives you an idea of the geometry.

So you get approx 25mm deck drop, use 8mm risers to increase motor-to-board gap, have plenty of motor-to-ground clearance & low center of gravity. However, this method won’t work well if the motor mount center distance is too long as the motors will now be much further from the hanger and much more likely to hit the deck during a turn because they swing on a greater arc.

Haven’t had any issues with that because my center to center is 60mm. None. But, I have a built in bash guard anyway…