Summer plans in LA/San Diego?

Waiting patiently… I’ve been itching to join a group ride and am hoping to make time this summer to drive down to the LA or San Diego area and test the limits of my now fine-tuned board. Just wondering if anyone was planning a few meets or group rides down in that area for June/July?


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June 21st it’s International Let’s Go Skateboarding Day the Boosted Board Riders LA Group is having a ride a couple Non Boosted Boards are going including myself feel free to join.


Darn - I’ll be camping on the 21st with the family. Are there any group rides in July that’ve been planned so far?

not sure a couple of us are headed to SF in July planning on going around the 13-16th with 5-6 people


I’ll be around then - let me know if plans stay the same as far as dates go

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If anything is in SD I would be willing to go

Download the “TELEGRAM” app. Then come back and click on the following link. We can get a SoCal group together that way.

No way I would make it to anything that’s not weekend. So no go on the 21st since that’s a Thursday


It hasn’t been announced yet but here in Santa Cruz inboard is gonna be hosting a group ride on the 9th (June). (pm me for the deets)

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Do the Telegram thing. SoCal_Legend/Joe always has ride in SD. Just know that that group is mostly Evolve guys

Hold on to your butts cause I’m moving to SD in July!!!


what? who move away from Hawaii?