Sunkko 788H settings?

Let me know if there is an existing thread on this, I couldn’t find one…

What are your settings for the Sunkko 788H? I don’t want to blow a hole in my cells but I also don’t want nickel popping off whilst bombing down hills.

Also, why those settings?

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The settings is there to choose how many amps are being put through the electrodes. 0.2mm nickel will need more amps than 0.1mm for example

@longhairedboy when using your 788h with .15 nickel what settings do you use and what do you set the current knob to?

i forget. I’ve been using it with .2mm for over a year now.

i use 69, 2 on the big LED dial and 11 on the current knob. Yes, it turns a little past 10.


thanks going to try different settings and see which one works best!

Forgot to mention that my 788H is actively air cooled, i have a four inch hose coming out of the side to suck the welding fumes in through the front and out through the tube and away from the work area.

That’s it on the bench in the background, behind that pecan stained witchblade with @psychotiller 's wheels on it.

In addition to sucking air through it with a small blower fan, i also added heat sinks to the welding arms just behind the copper welding rods, and a lot of holes in the face plate to suck air through the faceplate and into the box, then out the tube. Fumes are eliminated, and the whole thing stays a LOT cooler, and i’m able to get better welds.

but i’m ditching this for a Sunstone with wands as soon as I have the cash. I’ve already got a quote on it. And it will do copper.


in this pick on your Instagram were you using .15 nickel?