Super compact AC lipo charger upto 6s

Hi I use lipo for my board and I found this on amazon. I used to the old charger B6 DC lipo charger but power supply dies overtime and I had to replace couple. now I was looking second charder for all in one solution and found this. it does up to 6s lipo for $60cad. no addional supply required. it’s seem’s to be a good deal and I thought I’d share it if you live in canada tho🤑

Does it balance the cells and does it charge more than one battery at a time?

it balance charge but one batt at a time. u can either buy few more since it’s cheap. or get charge board

But the genuine IMAX B6 mini costs much less than this…?

in canada imx mini sells for $59 and u need power supply on top that dies 1 yr after. Im not sure if this charger will die after 1yr old but as of now it’s cheeper. unless of course u order from China and wait a month and half

Hmm, it’s a lot less here in the UK, unfortunately for you… Plus power bricks are cheap too…

yeah unfortunate canada sucks sometimes😑