Super loud motor in FOC Quiet in BLDC

FOC should be quieter than BLDC but when im using it i get super high pitched irritating noise! BLDC seems better than FOC to me, when i use foc and press the throttle sometimes the motor rolls slowly backward than goes forward, that is not a problem in bldc

Did any of you have these problems?

Im satisfied with BLDC good slow start, nice breaking just wondering what would cause this

Like the sound is literally making my earls bleed… Im going to my garage now to rev my boat engine to listen some nice deep sounds

I’m having trouble seeing full size images, but what’s your switching frequency setting? 20kHz or above should do it unless you have super good hearing.

Also, did you run motor detection again after switching to FOC?

Yes Where can i change that?

Or use VESC-tool, not BLDC-tool.