Swappable AT/Street wheel system?

Hey guys, im wondering if there is a way to make a hot swappable system with your wheels where you can go from AT to street and back again without changing gearing or anything. Is there a way to do this or is it impossible. Also I looked around could find another like this let me know if I missed it. Thanks :slight_smile:

Trampa gummies and pneumatics with superstar or any other hub from them. Get two sets, just remove the nut and belt and swap it out.

would these work with the TB 210 (I think 210mm) trucks?

If you find the right bearings than yes. They made for 9.5mm and 12mm hanger.

@Kaly will have a new swappable system for urethane and pneumatics I think

My deck is hot swappable… 6x2” nummies and 90mm wheels. The pulleys stay on the wheels so the belts get changed at the same time. I’m on 15:60 with the nummies and 15:36 with the urethanes. Piece of cake.

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