[SWE] DIY Evolve Bamboo clone

About to sell my remade evolve bamboo, the board got built with smaller motors then out for maybe 5 cruises and then I upgraded it but work and fatherhood came inbetween so it’s been sitting on a shelf for a while. Battery has not been drained, it’s been charged for store. The board runs but would recommend cleaning up motor cables and loctite bolts.

Deck, trucks and enclosure is evolve. Custom mounts hold 2x torqueboards 6374 brushless motors that’s run by one focbox each.

Battery is a 10s4p battery build using the Samsung 30Q which gives great power and Range.

It’s controlled by a mini remote and has a metr module installed for Bluetooth.

Currently kegel wheels on it, it can run on the evolve all terrain setup. Does need to shorten the driveshaft and motor pulley(or get a less wide pulley) for it to work.

Just ask if any questions.

It’s located in southern Sweden(Malmo)

900euro for board with charger another 100euro with all terrain setup.