Sweet (free) hexagonal grip tape pattern (with pics)

Firing up construction on “HONCHO II”, my personal ride, a carbon-reinforced H-Street Tony Magnusson reissue with polished Trampa trucks & heeled in Six Shooters (deck & trucks just arrived - @psychotiller I need you for the rest my brother).


A friend of mine saw the deck and pointed me at the above site - I think the hex pattern is outstanding and original:

So good, in fact, with a little work I think it could be a semi-official universal DIY pattern:

No way that’s going on H2; HONCHO 1 was gripped in a Mexican blanket / resin and I’m doing that again lol.

Blown up to Evolve-hexagon size, you have some interesting stuff in here. Enjoy!


That’s going to be a fun build. Let me know what you need.

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I’m keen to see this build unfold.

Tony Magnusson was my childhood hero. I’ve got a Tony Magnusson board that I used to ride the streets with back in the late 80s. I was only thinking this morning about the possibility of ‘electrifying’ it and bringing it back to life again.

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