Swing-arm sensation! (WIP): Madeus Maximus (aka "The height of insanity") - BMW Streetcarver trucks - 29" jetspud - Dual diagonal 6374 - Flipsky miniFSESC 4.20 - battery TBD

Some of you will remember the monster MTB I found a few months ago:

As promised, I have been slowly working on turning the ugly monster into, well, this: IMG_20181118_170506 I wound up using only the wheels from the turfboard, but they kind of reminded me of the bigfoot truck from the movie, hence the name and theme. Big-foot-mad-max-fury-road As you can see, one swing-arm on each end has a crude but sturdy motor mount I made from bent steel sheets I got from the scrap bin at work. I should even have space for idlers if I use 60-66 toothed pulleys. IMG_20181030_135731 IMG_20181030_135738
IMG_20181109_113320 The wheels have four bolts so I had to print adaptors from nylon to attach the pulleys: 1d9d4fcc34ad0c35527cf86dc77a3e3ce94810b5_1_375x499
Since the truck bases are hollow I can use them to hold the vescs, maybe even turn them into giant heat-sinks: IMG_20181101_191701

There is still a lot to do- motors and vescs arrived today, but I’m still waiting for the pulleys and a bunch of other stuff. I’m also debating drilling another set of holes to bring the trucks closer together. Even with the jetspud, right now the wheelbase is about 44 inches.
To be continued! P.S. If anyone finds a good stl file of the Doof-warrior, please hook me up! I so want to put him on the front of this but the only file I could find costs $120 to download!


The combo of the swing arm trucks and these tires really gives it a mars rover feel.

One of the most unique looking builds!!!


Thanks! My enclosure arrived yesterday so more details coming soon…


i would run if i herd that thing come around a corner, also what tires are those?

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Is that the Tumbler?

This should answer most questions: For the tires and their original platform: http://www.reviewmountainboards.com/mountain-board-reviews/turf-deville-mountain-board-reviews/ Note the one star ratings in all test categories. This board style was not a popular concept. For the trucks:

@Noob-at-building I believe that the tires were custom-made for them. I saw one other set for sale on eBay back when I started this, haven’t seen any since then.

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okay thanks :slight_smile:

Time for an update! First up, new repurposed deck: IMG_20181125_175326 The 29" jetspud I had planned on using was too long and made for a total wheelbase length of 44". This would defeat the purpose of the trucks, making tight turns and carving difficult. So I used a drop down deck I had from my earlier build and cut the ends off, measured carefully and drilled new mounting holes using a 3d printed jig. As before I also added three larger holes for the M8 threaded inserts for the swing-trucks. The new wheelbase length is 34", much better for what I have in mind. IMG_20181125_175355 As I’d hoped, there’s plenty of space inside the body of the trucks for a vesc (wrapped in foam rubber and anti-vibration silicone pads). Since taking this apart every timeto change settings would be a pain I ran USB extensions outside along with the power and receiver lines. The yellow plate had holes drilled in it for the motor cables and also has a bit of concave so it’ll mount as stable as possible. IMG_20190116_120344 15481427380271119273798434321357 The housing for the DAVEga module is mounted. There’s enough space between it and the motor so they won’t crash into each other in a turn. IMG_20190117_110556 IMG_20190117_110529 And here’s the enclosure nearly done! 10s4p battery and just enough space left over for a loopkey, charging port and receiver. 15481426818196839688643157513832 Hopefully this should be ready in another week or so. Maybe by then it’ll have dried up a bit outside and I can do a test ride. To be continued!


Glad to see that swing arms are back !!


Any updates?


Interesting build,dude.

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@Eboostin since you asked here you go: It’s still ongoing, but very slowly due to various setbacks, chief among them having to find a new job which meant having to cut spending for a while. Thankfully I’m now working again and looking for something higher paying in the meantime.

As for esk8 related stuff, first I busted one of my vescs during the calibration: IMG_20190320_143503

Once that was replaced I had everything set up properly and ready for a test run. About 10 meters into it I hear and feel something go crunch: IMG_20190322_135807

Yep, the bolts have pulled out of the inserts in the deck. IMG_20190322_135801 IMG_20190322_140314 IMG_20190322_140707 IMG_20190322_140721 IMG_20190322_140732

This was especially strange since I had jumped on it while stationary and it seemed fine so I’m not sure if it was vibration or something else. The most important thing is that I’m okay. It was very low speed but I was still wearing full armor just in case - exactly for these kinds of situations!

As for the deck, it was a good one but I guess not good enough to take the extra angled stress on it. I’m currently waiting for a custom deck to be made for me by Dasilva Boards according to the design I’ve sent them: Screenshot_20190506-225253
This one will be reinforced with CF on both top a bottom. I’m also going to use countersunk Allen bolts and nuts on the trucks to make sure they hold.

Don’t worry, this will get done eventually! I might as well ask now: if I design a better version of the trucks and mounts to be CNC’d would anyone be interested? swing%20truck


I don’t really get why you had inserts in the first place ? Why not mount the trucks with screws that goes all the way through the deck and some bolts, just like regular skateboards ?

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I was thinking that they would be just as good as a regular nut, and I could avoid the bolts sticking so far out of the deck, since they’re M8 and the boltheads are larger. The deck was a little thin for my liking so I didn’t want to use countersunks and possibly weaken the deck even more. What you’re suggesting is exactly what I’m going to do now with the new deck, either with flat-head or countersunk bolts.

Glad to see it’s coming along! Bummer to see the deck crack, but definitely agree with through mounting the bolts. The CNC trucks would be cool but probably a limited amount of ppl interested

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Maybe you could add a plate on top to even the load on a bigger surface, and avoiding countersinks :wink:

That’s another possibility, but will also make the deck more uneven. If I make them big enough I might be able to put grip tape on them instead of the deck but I don’t know for sure yet.

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Hows this coming along? Curious to know more

Thread dredge - update on this build?

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