Switch for lipo cell checker

Hi builders! I put a cell checker (up to 8s) on my board. I have 2x 4s in series lipos, so i want one cell checker per both lipo packs. I connected JST-XH connectors like in diagram, it’s working, cell checker reads all 8S. But i want to put a switch for that cell checker. Where i should put a switch in there? Here is diagram:

I was thinking about this recently after reading the cell checkers drain voltage when always plugged in. I personally would just break the 0v

Yep, cutting the ground would work.

In fact, now I think about it, is it not the only one that will work?! Any others would just drop one cell from the readout?

Which one is ground wire?

if you put a 2 pole switch in between the ground, you will be good. the ground is the black wire on the far left.

Yeah, that’s right. Depending on how the cell checker is wired tough. Since if you cut the GND, then 1st cell becomes ground, which could feed back through the inputs and power the circuit anyways.

Thank you guys, i just did it it’s working perfect!