Switchblade 40 inch deck enclosure

How many do you plan on making for the 40" Switchblade? I may switch my deck on my upcoming build to one if your enclosure is fitted for it :slight_smile: Also, how much could we expect to pay for such enclosures?

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Although I agree that the 38" version is pretty much the perfect size for a board, 40" means more battery space and longer wheelbase for more stability.

Shame that the wheel cutouts aren’t big enough relative to the truck mounting position for big wheels in drop through setup. Works well with supercarve trucks though, here’s a build I’ll share to inspire those ordering their enclosure:

The enclosure will cost US$ 125

I’ll be interested in taking an enclosure for the 21700 cells

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I’ll guarantee it’ll fit in there

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6p+ Please


12s5p including BMS Woow

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I rather have a 12s4p made of 30T braking force and torque are insane at those current levels on these 21700 cells


Can’t wait for this enclosure

Thank you for making this enclosure. Switchblade all the way!

Can you ship to europe? if thats the case count me in 100%

Yes. I ship to EU every week.

The deck will be here next weekend and I’ll start the enclosure


I’m in for an enclosure as well. Just bought my deck from https://longboard.ro/shop/, they have a Landyachtz sale at the moment, much cheaper than from Sickboards + I got the old version of the deck with the sides colored white :sunglasses:

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The enclosure from eboosted for the Switchblade is finally out for sale​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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