SZLY board failure, red leds, 4 beeps and shuts off


This is my first post here since it’s the first time I have an issue with my skateboard.

I have a dual motor skateboard with a 10s battery and an “SZLY” board I’ve seen used many times as a controller. Out of the blue I couldn’t start the board one morning. I can connect to the remote, I can see the charge indicator working, the battery has 40V when I measure it with a multimeter. However right after startup I hear 4 beeps, see the two red LEDs flashing and the board shuts off. Has anyone ever experienced this? Couldn’t find any documentation on what the LEDs mean or what the beep codes signal. Checked the caps for shorts but couldn’t find anything. I attach a video of how the board reacts.

Thanks in advance for any help.