Szly connecting

hi everyone I am new on this forum, and I registered because I bought a double esc for skateboard and I wanted to know its potential. the seller does not provide any manual regarding the connections found on the driver. the model is a szly_o1_3s5480_2.0.

Post a pic probably more helpful

Similar Model here with basic connection guide The catch with these is there are solder bridges to remove to use 10S Battery. They are setup as 6S by default.

ok so meepo/wowgo style… the potential? none other than whats pre programmed… plug in the motors…sensor wires…and hopefully is the right voltage for the batttery you have…otherwise… plug, play, and ride =)

but can i change the programming ?? it is possible to change the remote control with one like the one in the picture. after removing the esc plastic cover I found that there are connections to what are exits or inputs for …

No, but there are other remote options you can use with the ESC but you can’t find more than a 1 channel remote for it.