Tacon Big Foot 110 x2

I’m getting out of electric skateboarding entirely, so I’m selling the two Tacon Big Foot 100 295kv motors I have for my board.

They are this motor: http://www.hobbypartz.com/96m607-bigfoot110-5325-295kv.html

I have only the motors, bullet connectors, and mounting screws, none of the model plane/helicopter parts that normally come with it, and I dremeled flat spots onto the shafts to attach the motor pulleys. I have never actually been able to use them as the SPACE Cell that was to power my board did not work. They are otherwise brand new.

These are normally $60 each on HobbyPartz, so I am asking for $80 + shipping for the set, but I will entertain reasonable offers.

hold them for me im serious about purchasing?

Sure. I wasn’t expecting a response so quickly.

im hungry for tacons ever since they sold out these bastards are great

They certainly look nice. It would have been cool to actually use them, but the parts I got from Enertion had different plans…

I’d be interested if you could ship them to the UK

please email [email protected] for help.

what do you mean different plans? stuff break or not fit?

Sell them to the Person who is paying first. I have sold a vesc and have waited for @willpark16 about two weeks and he did not even buy it… So be careful

We’ve been through this already. The parts should be getting to you on or around today, according to the tracking, so I will finally be getting my money back from you.

The SPACE Cell didn’t work, and I have no idea if the VESCs did, as I never got to test them.

would have purchased u told me it had broke so i spent my money on something else then u said that it wasnt broke so u could ship me the other one so by that point i had just bought an esc. I appreciate u waiting, but dont blame me for the extra week u waited due to you possibly breaking the previous one.

@dacc34 talk to @siggs3000 i just bought a charger and motor off him a little while ago both of us were happy in the end

@dacc34 I can vouch for @willpark16 as a buyer. He bought my charger, power supply and a Tacon and it was as smooth as can be.

Thanks bro! So ill pm u @dacc34 if they’re still up for sale!

If it falls through I would like to be next in line to buy them

this reminds me of when i listed my used NTMs. People were practically plotting murder over them.

haha theyre good for 6s

yeah they basically rule the 6S and 8S world. And they’re always on backorder. lol

i was just happy to get a tacon before they were completely sold out