Tacon Bigfoot, alternative to Maytech motors?

Heads up, other than the sensors and the Kv, it looks to me like the Tacon Bigfoot 160 is the same motor, at a big discount.


It’s cheap for a reason. Would you trust your safety to it? Also the cheap motors don’t have silicone-insulated phase leads terminated onto the windings, they just extend the windings all the way out…

Buy cheap, buy twice

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Yes yes yes… But how confident are you that the much touted Maytech motor is actually made to higher spec? They are clearly the same OEM. Is Maytech charging more because they are commissioning a higher quality product? Or did they ask the factory to throw on some hall-effect sensors to an existing product and charge a premium to a specialized market.

Anyway, I have no stake in the game. Do what you will with the info.

These things were the shit before esk8 specific motors came out. They were so good you couldn’t find them anywhere.

Mine looks like it went to war and still runs like it’s brand new. I don’t use it now because of the wires and it being sensorless, but it was a great little motor.


What do you “because of the wires?”

They don’t have silicon wires, so if they continually bend you run the risk of breaking one

Fair enough. Same problem with the SK3. But fixable by cutting the phase wires from the motor shorter and adding extensions out of the ESC. What motors come with flexible, highly stranded phase wires?

Dark matter motors, Torqueboard motors, Racerstar 5065 all do. I’m sure others, probably

My experience with the tacon 160 was exactly this. I bought this motor a while back and used it for about a year before it burned up. Tried re running motor detection and eventually took the motor apart to find some windings burned and frayed. To it’s credit it did last a good year of riding though but this proved to me I needed a motor that was more than just hobby grade.

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nothing wrong with that motor except shitty kv (but that may be different for some1 else). But you can find other unsensored 63mm motors with similar pricetag, nothing special.