Tactical eskates

Someone posted the idea of using picatinny rails on the subreddit and I thought it was a REALLY good idea. After playing around with various types of mounts and flashlights, I ended with with this…



The result:


Ayyy, dat would be me on the Discord. Just fair warning (already went over this with Jinra) you will want to double check the soldering of the SMT LED. I zip tied a Cree T6 flashlight onto the Banshee, and found the vibrations seemed to have loosened the LED and caused it to break contact with the PCB traces.


I actually got the idea from /u/iRiNKyDiNKs. Unless that’s you with another alt account :stuck_out_tongue:

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You can see where the LED was originally located and how it shifted. I theorize this is a combination of heat (300 Lumen LED) and esk8 vibrations which loosened the Chinese soldering job.

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The boys and I were talking about light mount solutions a month ago on Discord. I brought up using Picatinny rails, since all the other solutions relied on using specific flashlights with specific diameters.