Tag Heuer Electric Skateboard. 60MPH Death Trap?

Or bogus?

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Does it have brakes that can handle 60mph?

Something tells me he was a student in design and not engineering…


No brakes at all. It does however feature ‘breaks’!


vaporwareˈvāpərˌwer/noun - software or hardware that has been advertised but is not yet available to buy, either because it is only a concept or because it is still being written or designed.

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A design student who’s never rode a skateboard before!

“His project, the Tag Heuer Board, is a prototype that befits commuters of all types, and we can only hope this electric skateboard get developed further.”


"A prototype is an early sample, model, or release of a product built to test a concept or process or to act as a thing to be replicated or learned "

Obviously a prototype was not built. Poorly written article probably mostly for click bait.

Looks like some shit out of tron legacy

Here is the real 60mph E-board:

Problem is trying to keep the urethane on.


@Namasaki the problem for me would be keeping my bladder under control! 60MPH!


Ya, tooooo fast, but there’s guys doing 70mph downhill on longboards

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it failed from a design AND functionality point of view in my eyes. :laughing:

rose gold, come on!! and who would go 60mph on a flat plank?


It needs some crushed diamond grip tape @longhairedboy :smile:

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3d studio max a bit of photoshop some crappy made up specs. A waste of time click bait. Like the wheels though. After one ride they all be opaque and look shite

This guy https://youtu.be/NgMSnFxvzTc

Why all the negative comments? I think it looks bad-ass! If it had the Raptor’s torque (and brakes) I’d totally buy it, if it were available and not just a concept.

just a bunch of haters i guess. Meanwhile i’ve got a rolex/timex carbontanium hydrogen fuel cell electric board I want to sell you. It goes 61mph (better than his pathetic 60mph) Kickstarter, Indigogo, FundMe, Groupon links coming soon but feel free to send me money now, deal? kthanksbye

There are more interesting concepts out there.




@ALEXANDER This is why the dis. If it were ever actually made very few would likely to get one as it would likely be a limited edition and cost an absolute bomb.

Check out the Revoll its being sold for $3000 eruo not including postage and taxes. So far nothing out yet from that company. Just shows you what an archievement Enertion and Evolve are doing with their products. Albeit delays for delivery. Both companies just cant make enough of them.


These concepts are good for the DIYs for ideas. I want the wheels.

Just because it (hypothetically) caters to a niche market doesn’t automatically mean it should be put down though. Take the Vertu cellphones as one similar example, sure I wouldn’t personally own one for many reasons, but they have every right to exist and please the small market share they cater too.

On a side note, I’m with you 100% about Enertion, they’re awesome - Seriously impressive operation! I currently have a Raptor Duel on order (#4808), thus my presence here most days checking on shipping updates and such.

Guess I just liked the aesthetics of the board up top, and I like the fact it can store the remote inside. Looks clean.

(edit: it would be cool if while the remote was stored inside it also charged while the board was plugged in)